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Challenge #72: Myopia (Shortsighted, Nii/Ukoku-centric, PG-13)

Title: Shortsighted
Author: lawless523 
Characters: Nii/Ukoku (even he's probably not sure which he is anymore), others at Houtou in the final days.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for mild profanity, end-of-the-world violence, worldweariness, and general bleakness.
Summary: While the world collapses around him, Nii has an epiphany. Too bad it's not going to do anyone any good.
Word Count: ~800
A/N: Challenge #72, myopia. Time allotted: 45 minutes. Time taken: 1 hour, 30 minutes, including time spent looking up poetic (or overwrought, depending on your view) synonyms for various colors.  I decided to take the time to write a complete story the way I wanted to (albeit under time pressure and without the opportunity for reflection or anything beyond barebones editing), yet I still couldn't write as many as 1,000 words.

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License (Challenge #69, License; Sanzo/Goku; PG-13)

TItle: License
Author: lawless523
Pairing(s): Sanzo/Goku
Warnings: Mild m/m; no spoilers
Word Count: ~450 words
A/N: Written for saiyuki_time. Challenge #69, license/licentious; time allowed, 30 minutes; time taken, 45 minutes, including review, editing, and searching on the web for synonyms.

Licence my roving hands, and let them go
Before, behind, between, above, below.

John Donne, To His Mistress Going to Bed

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As Flowers that Bloom (Challenge #68, Bloom; the ikkou; PG-13)

Title: As Flowers that Bloom
Author: opalmatrix
Warnings: mild m/m
Pairing(s): Gojyo/Hakkai, Sanzo/Goku
Spoilers: mild for Reload 9
Notes: written for saiyuki_time, Challenge #68, Bloom; time allowed: 45 minutes; time taken: 65 minutes. I'm not sure how well this hangs together. (And clearly I need to think of this as a Wednesday deadline now rather than a Thursday one.)
Summary: An unexpected rainstorm brings forth new life.

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For challenge #67: "Do you think you can tell?", Nataku centric

Hello again :) Glad to see the comm reawaken. It's been a while since I've written anything, I hope this is (more or less) up to standard.

Title: Do you think you can tell?
Author: rasphigi
Characters: Nataku
Word count: 325
Warnings: Some very vague spoilers for Gaiden.
Notes: For challenge #67, "wish you were here" Time allowed: 30 mins. Time taken: 28 mins. Experimental in a lot of ways -- 2nd person POV, and I'm not really sure how to think about Nataku to start with. (I feel like I know so little about him...!) Concrit is so, so welcome.

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Wish You Were Here, Ukoku-centric, PG

Title: Wish You Were Here
Warnings: Worksafe, vague spoilers for what will be Relaod 10 when issued in English
Characters/Summary: Ukoku/Nii muses to an absent Koumyou about Sanzo and their bet
Notes: Challenge #67, “Wish You Were Here”. Time allowed: 30 minutes. Time taken to write: 30 minutes. 10 mintues spent on inserting lyrics, setting up header, and a quick lookover and editing.
Word Count: 330 words

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A Ukoku Sanzo-Hoshi by dawn_icon2

Challenge #66

"If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way,
Take the highway,
That's the best ... ."

The number 66 suits a saiyuki_time challenge surprisingly well because of that endless route west and a half-remembered song refrain that wound up with a rousing, "Get your kicks on Route 66!" Route 66 may be on the wrong continent at the wrong time, but even so, it fits Saiyuki, because it's always the most fun when someone's getting his (or her) kicks en route.

This week's prompt: "Get your kicks!" The Route 66 business is entirely optional.

To keep it like the song, short and speedy, let's give this Challenge #66 20 minutes before the imaginary traffic cop switches on the radar.

Here's the format guidelines.

Gojyo+Hakkai - same line

Stuck in a Rut (Challenge #64, Rinse and Repeat; Gojyo and Gonou; PG-13)

Title: Stuck in a Rut
Author: opalmatrix
Warnings: lots of possibly mildly squicky sickroom details
Pairing(s): pre-585
Spoilers: Mild for "Be There" arc
Notes: written for saiyuki_time, Challenge #64, Rinse and Repeat; time allowed: 60 minutes; time taken: 55 minutes. Sorry this is late!!
Summary: It's surprising what can become routine.

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