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Saiyuki writing challenges

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Saiyuki fanfic challenges
Welcome! This community is intended for frolics and writing practice, specifically with fanfiction based on Kazuya Minekura's Saiyuki and Saiyuki Gaiden mangas.

How does it work?

Every week,
louiselux, emungere, 7veilsphaedra or rroselavy will post a sentence or a phrase, word, line of poetry or song, with instructions on how much time people are allowed to take for the writing process. We trust you not to cheat -- after all, this is about about practice. However, if you end up spending a significantly longer amount of time on it, please feel free to post a link to it.

Fics for a challenge can be posted for a week, until the new challenge is given.

You can write your take on the topic whenever you have the time to sit down and concentrate long enough, but please try and post stories before the following challenge appears. You don't have to participate every time, only when you have the time and feel like writing something.

More than one entry per topic is allowed, but keep it down to a reasonable number.

Anyone is more than welcome to suggest possible topics. If you have suggestions, please post them in reply to the most recent challenge entry.

Excessive editing and/or sending your story to a beta would defeat the purpose of improvised challenges, but reading over it once and making sure that there are no glaring errors is expected.

Gen, het and slash are allowed, in any pairing you choose. Please, no underage explicit sex.

Posting format

Please post all stories behind an LJ CUT, even short ones. FAQ on this is
here. Please use the following format:

Subject: Title, pairing/character, rating (if any)

Title: (optional)
Warnings: (worksafe/not worksafe, spoilers)
Pairing(s): (optional)
Notes: (include prompt used and time taken)

Please friends lock all NC 17 rated fic, as per livejournal's terms.

Feedback and concrit

If you would like to receive concrit of your work, please mention this in your notes, to encourage others to give it.

Please leave feedback for the stories you've read and, if offering concrit, try and balance positive and negative elements and employ tact.

Discussion in comments is encouraged, as I'd like this to be a place to talk about the craft of writing and also about the characters we all love.

Thanks to contrelamontre for inspiration and the basis of the community rules.

Any questions - email louiselux @ livejournal.com